Creative Spirit | 2022 Disability News Round-Up: August

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Sean Boynes: Don’t say ‘special needs.’ It hurts people with disabilities. Fred Rogers knew why

By: Sean Boynes

2022 Disability News: man leaning on ledge
The language used to describe or identify groups of people can have a powerful impact. A new article argues that referring to people with disabilities with the blanket term “special needs” erases individuality and can be detrimental to receiving medical support.

‘Best Foot Forward’ Is a Story About, and by, People With Disabilities

By Ari Saperstein

2022 Disability News young boy playing soccer while people cheering behind him
In his memoir “Just Don’t Fall”, writer Josh Sunquist shared his experience growing up with a limb difference, having lost his left leg to bone cancer at age 10. In a new article, the New York Times explored Sunquist’s journey to achieve authentic representation for “Best Foot Forward”, the new Apple TV+ series based on his memoir. That was achieved with help from the disability advocacy group RespectAbility, and led to the casting of Logan Marmino, a young actor who also has a limb difference, in the lead role. Disability representation on film and television is still relatively rare, and “Best Foot Forward” could inspire a new discussion. Read more here:, and visit us at to learn about how we’re working to change the game on inclusion and representation for #PeopleWithDisabilities in employment. #HireDifferent

Deaf Actress Rose Ayling-Ellis: “I Am Disabled Because I Live and Work in a World That Disables Me”

By: Georg Szalai

2022 Disability News with women and man on dancing with the stars
Creative Spirit is dedicated to significantly improving employment inclusion and equal opportunities for people with disabilities, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Rose Ayling-Ellis, an English actress best known for her role on the TV series “EastEnders”, has also been deaf since birth. In an interview, this month with journalist Afua Hirsch, Ellis, 27, shared some of the frustration she feels about limited inclusion and accessibility as a deaf person and called for general improvements in both areas, such as by adding subtitles to broadcasting and streaming content. Click here to read more:, #HireDifferent #Inclusion  

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