Creative Spirit | Disability News Round-Up: Beginning Of September 2022

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Airports Work To Help Those With Autism, Other Hidden Needs

By Richard Stradling, The News & Observer/TNS 

Disability news - woman and little girl are going through airport security.
Our original article last month ( focused on travel accessibility and inclusion improved for millions of #PeopleWithDisabilities, and why that’s so crucial. North Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham International Airport has taken a step forward with its Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program, which uses decorated lanyards, pins, and bracelets to indicate that someone may need special assistance or can provide assistance if needed. This new initiative could be extremely helpful for travelers with autism or other conditions who may require assistance. Read more here:, and visit us at to learn how Creative Spirit is making a difference in employment. #HireDifferent #Accessibility


He Felt Isolated and Adrift After an Autism Diagnosis. Can He Make It as a Cybersleuth?

By Renee Dudley,

Many people with autism are highly qualified for roles in the technology and cybersecurity sector, but the unemployment rate among adults on the autism spectrum is still extremely high. In 2013, two entrepreneurs from the Netherlands (where an estimated 20,000 people with autism are unemployed) started ITvitae, a program to provide employment training for people with autism interested in technology positions, improving their quality of life by connecting them with meaningful, productive roles. The story of how they helped one client, mainly, is a fascinating read demonstrating how one innovative idea can have a considerable impact.

The Subminimum Wage for Workers With Disabilities Is a Disgrace

Disability (In)Justice is a package exploring where the fight for disability justice stands.



It’s 2022, and employees with disabilities are still being paid subminimum wage thanks to 14c, a 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act provision. This provision is deeply unethical and discriminatory towards #PeopleWithDisabilities, and Creative Spirit is working to finally have it repealed. Today, we’re sharing an in-depth report by Teen Vogue on the history and background of 14c and legislation and activism to end it. This is a must-read if you’re passionate about equity and inclusion for all Americans, especially those with disabilities. Read more here:, and visit us online at to learn more about the history of Creative Spirit and how we’re working to change the future of employment for the disabilities community. #HireDifferent #End14c   

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