Who We Are

Creative Spirit was founded in 2017 to provide individuals with IDDs fair-wage, integrated positions at the best companies in the world. At our core, we match these talented individuals with a wide spectrum of positions at forward thinking organizations that have embraced DE&I hiring policies that include people with disabilities. In our 2020 #HireDifferent study we learned that only 12% of companies are including people with disabilities in their hiring priorities. Whether your organization is supporting existing employees with disabilities, their caregivers and allies, hiring new ones or improving disability policies and practices, we encourage all employers to become a Creative Spirit partner company today.

People with disabilities should register with Creative Spirit today and join our online community, find a job or sign up with one of our Creative Spirit coaches and receive the support that leads to long-term economic security.
Creative Spirit is also bringing attention to the profound poverty and economic insecurity among people of color and women with disabilities and working to end sub-minimum wage legislation and awareness. Join us as a Creative Spirit ally today.

What's more creative than being different?

Our Mission

Creative Spirit’s mission is to ensure the successful job placement of individuals with IDDs at the most forward-thinking companies in the world. We are a group of individuals with disabilities, parents, advocates, and consumers who work side-by-side to ensure that those with IDDs are given the same opportunities to succeed. Achieving that goal involves encouraging a shift in perception to recognize the strengths and capabilities of people who are neurodivergent. Working together, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

#HireDifferent: Our Creative Spirit Employment Principles

  • Right to Real Jobs for Fair-Wages: Individuals with IDD have the right to pursue competitive employment options that align with their talents, skills and passions, earn at least minimum wage and have access to the same company benefits (i.e., healthcare, retirement benefits, etc.) as every other employee. Disclosure advocacy.
  • Full D.E.I. Integration: Encouraging companies to develop a robust D.E.I. initiative and strategy that is fully integrated physically, functionally and culturally in the workplace for individuals with IDD. Accommodation’s expertise and corporate training.
  • Recruitment-Driven Accessibility: Leading diverse, unique recruitment strategies that ensure accessibility is a key component of employment.
  • Consumer-Driven Integration: We’re encouraging companies to recognize the value of employees with disabilities as an integral part of their organizations, as well as that individuals with disabilities represent 25% of the workforce.

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