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Candidate Questions

Do I need a resume?

You can create a profile using our profile-building tool. In addition, we encourage candidates to upload a current resume and/or a video to let potential employers learn even more about you.

Can I tell my friends about Creative Spirit?

Yes. Please encourage your friends, colleagues, and family members to become familiar with Creative Spirit, and register to learn more about the job search process and building a resume as you develop your career.

What are my rights as a candidate?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of disabilities. You can read more about your rights here:

My disability requires that I receive accommodations at work. Will this be a problem?

Employers are required to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities. A request for an accommodation does not have to include any special words, such as “reasonable accommodation,” “disability,” or “Rehabilitation Act.” A request is any communication in which an individual asks or states that he/she needs EEOC to provide or to change something because of a medical condition.


A family member, health professional, or other representative may request an accommodation on behalf of an EEOC employee or applicant. For example, a doctor’s note outlining medical restrictions for an employee constitutes a request for reasonable accommodation. You can read more about different accommodations here:


Do I need to have a particular set of skills or years of experience to qualify for a position on the Creative Spirit site?

Creative Spirit’s goal is to provide a wide variety of jobs over the next several years to meet a wide variety of abilities and skills.

Can I use Creative Spirit to find a job and continue to use my job coach?

Yes. Creative Spirit provides candidates with an opportunity to post resumes and search for jobs. Creative Spirit encourages all candidates to work with their job coaches throughout and after the job-seeking process. Should you find a job through Creative Spirit, you are more than welcome to keep your current coach.

Will the people I work with be aware of my IDD.

Creative Spirit encourages candidates and employees to do what is most comfortable. Disclosing your disability to your employer is a personal choice. The advantage to disclosing a disability is that it signals to an employer that they may need to facilitate specific accommodations. However, you are not required to disclose your disability.

Will there be other individuals with IDDs on my team?

This will depend on the specific employer. Creative Spirit encourages employers to hire candidates with a variety of backgrounds and abilities. That said, it is likely that you will be working along other employees who do not have disabilities.


Will Creative Spirit be hosting any networking events?

As Creative Spirit evolves, we will be hosting panel discussions, networking events and more. As events are scheduled, we will invite registered Creative Spirit users to participate.