Creative Spirit | Disability News Round-Up

By Creative Spirit’s Communications Team

 Creative Spirit | Disability News
Virgin, LinkedIn logos, “Dyslexic Thinking”, white letters against a blue background… “Reframing dyslexia as a skill in the workplace”
Dyslexic Thinking Award – LinkedIn, FCB Inferno London, and Virgin Group received a Titanium Lion award at this year’s Lions festival in Cannes for their “Dyslexic Thinking” campaign, which allows LinkedIn users to choose “Dyslexic Thinking” as a skill to. Learn more here:

 Creative Spirit | Disability News
Hand holding a phone with a little girl on the phone camera with arms stretched out.
Creative Spirit | Disability News: Autism Detection Tool – This month, the FDA greenlighted Canvas Dx, a new diagnostic tool that uses machine learning algorithms to help pediatricians evaluate and diagnose autism in children. Read more here:, and visit us at
 Creative Spirit | Disability News
Two male and female college students walking through a brightly-lit library. 
Creative Spirit | Disability News: College and Neurodiversity – Today, we’re sharing an article offering guidance for new college students who are neurodivergent. Read the article here:, and visit us at to learn more about how we’re helping our candidates develop self-advocacy.
 Creative Spirit | Disability News
Photo of U.S. Department of Labor building, daytime. 
Creative Spirit | Disability News: Ending 14c Article – Ending subminimum wage for People With Disabilities is one of our top priorities. This month, the Department of Labor issued a 12-page bulletin clarifying compliance with the 2014 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Read more here:  
 Creative Spirit | Disability News
Still of a scene with actresses Vanessa Burghardt and Dakota Johnson in “Cha Cha Real Smooth”. 
Autism Movie Highlight – In a positive step forward for inclusion and representation, Vanessa Burghardt, an actress with autism, made her film debut this month in “Cha Cha Real Smooth,” a slice-of-life comedy-drama with a theatrical release. Read more here:
 Creative Spirit | Disability News
Photo of a man in a wheelchair with a person walking next to him and a person sitting in the background (faces not visible).
Ukraine and Disability – The ongoing invasion of Ukraine gravely endangers citizens with disabilities. A recent report by the Print. It details how humanitarian efforts for Ukrainians with disabilities can be improved. Read the report here:

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