Activism That Sticks: Our Response to Self Advocate @Nathaniel_Edward

By Menachem Rephun, Communications Manager and Self Advocate

Video By @Nathaniel_Edward on TikTok

The Solution:

Sandy Parrino, former Chairwoman of the National Council on Disability and signatory for the ADA, put it best when she asked this generation of disability advocates: “what happened to all the activists?”

As a nonprofit advocating for people with disabilities (PWD), Creative Spirit has been actively approaching companies with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agendas and presenting them with outstanding, hard-working candidates.

Work towards Activism That Sticks with our services, we provide companies with easily implemented accommodations and solutions that make hiring PWD seamless and beneficial. While our important work has been embraced by several great companies and has resulted in many successful hires, employing PWD has still not sufficiently been brought into the mainstream, and only 12% of employers have placed hiring PWD at the top of their DE&I agenda.

It is our sincere hope that at the end of 2022 our response to Sandy Parrino’s query will be that “We have placed thousands of people with disabilities into fair wage positions in companies where they are made to feel that they belong, and we inspired a new generation of activists who got mad enough to say we’re not going to take it anymore!” Join the movement. Activism That Sticks.

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