Why I Care With Laura Mignott

For #BlackHistoryMonth​, Creative Spirit is honoring Black contributions to American society and culture and striving to increase employment equality, diversity, and inclusion for people of all backgrounds living with IDDs. As part of our #WhyICare​ series, we spoke with Laura Mignott, host of the Reset podcast and CEO of the cultural communications agency DFlash. Laura opened up about her experience living with dyslexia and how it has made her more empathetic and understanding of people living with disabilities. She also expressed hope that the Covid-19 crisis would lead to greater sensitivity and understanding of the challenges people face in their own lives, particularly people with IDDs. Music contributions by VosFM. Much gratitude to them. Check out their work on SoundCloud Here: https://soundcloud.com/vosfmband​ And follow them on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/vosfm_band/…​ Follow CS to hear Laura Mignott interview and the rest of our #WhyICare​ series and learn about what we’re doing to honor #BlackHistory​ today and every day. #BlackHistory​ #HireDifferent​ #WhyICare

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