Candidate Spotlight: Lisa Eason-Adil

By Menachem Rephun, Communications Manager Creative Spirit and Self Advocate Lisa Eason-Adil

Lisa Eason-Adil

1. What would you like employers to know about candidates with disabilities?

Lisa Eason-Adil: I would like employers to know, that candidates with disabilities can increase productivity too.  We are the candidates that sometimes work even harder to achieve our goals.  Our work ethic is strong and our determination is genuine.  In reality, we may have physical, mental, and communicative disabilities, but in the workplace, we possess the ability and passion to get the job done efficiently.

2. What advice would you give to people with disabilities seeking employment?

Lisa Eason-Adil: My advice to people with disabilities is, “Your yes is on the way!”  Do not give up and remain positive through the process because that dream position is closer than you think.

3.  What is the main thing you’ve learned from your own experience looking for employment/navigating the hiring process?

Lisa Eason-Adil: The main thing I learned from my own job search experience is to keep your mental drive on continuous self-improvement.  I heard many no’s and experienced many disappointing interviews.  At times, I have felt defeated and my self-esteem has been attacked horribly.  Rejection hurts but you don’t stay in that mental space.  Focus on winning because again, your yes is on the way! 

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