Creative Spirit – AdWeek Presentation 2018

Please join us at our fantastic panel discussion on Monday, October 1, 2018, at 1 pm on the Univision Stage at Advertising Week New York. 1998 Broadway, NYC. 

Creative Spirit leaders share insights from year one of the highly successful inclusion program–including successes, hopes, and dreams. Creative Spirit provides the opportunity for employers to be matched with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the best, most creative companies in the world. 

From MRM|McCann to A&E to Voya to Verizon to OMD, employers and employees from around the industry and around the globe talk about their extraordinary experiences to build culture and change lives. Creativity, productivity, and culture can be forever changed by adding different thinkers to your organization. Creative Spirit can shepherd your organization through the once complex, now satisfying, process of hiring those with intellectual disabilities. The results are nothing short of extraordinary.  

From The Creative Spirit Achieves – September 2018

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