Creative Spirit Connect: Building Community Connections

Creative Spirit Connect

Welcome to Creative Spirit Connect, a group designed by and for individuals who are neurodiverse and interested in fair-wage inclusive employment. Our Creative Spirit communications team is neurodiverse, with personal experience navigating the ups and downs of finding employment as someone with a disability. We’ve created this group as an inclusive space where members can become knowledgeable and empowered through the shared experiences of others. 

The concept for this group began several years ago, when a small group of friends discussed one of the first real positive experiences we had working together during Creative Spirit’s pilot program. For the first time, we talked about systemic change, our hopes and aspirations and the benefits of allyship in achieving our goals. As we talked, it became clear that a virtual community like this one would be a way to expand that group and an extremely valuable way to continue that momentum. At a time when many people with disabilities struggle with loneliness and alienation due to the ongoing pandemic, creating a community is more important than ever. 

This group was created to fill a void, and as a space for generating meaningful and productive discussions on employment, accommodations, equal rights, and workplace accessibility. We’re working every day to make Creative Spirit Connect as comfortable and welcoming as possible, and our team is always available to share resources, answer questions, and provide encouragement. We hope you’ll find this group informative and inspiring, allowing you to freely ask questions and receive feedback, developing meaningful connections that will help you succeed in advancing your career and your dreams. We’re extremely proud of this community, which has proved to be an amazing vehicle for connecting people around the country, and can’t wait to see where we go next. Join us on Facebook at

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